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Rebecca's Recommendations - May 26, 2006

26 May 2006

By Rebecca Liggero

I am home. I am never drinking again. Well, at least I'm not drinking until the English Harbour, and VIP Poker Costa Rica affiliate appreciation trip in two weeks. God help us all. In all seriousness though, my last two conferences were a huge success, both professionally and personally. The mixture of meeting face to face during the day for business chat and enjoying everyone's company at night is simply unbeatable. Lucky for me, I’m only 27, so I can still survive on 4 hours of sleep a night for 1.5 weeks straight. Impressive? I like to think so. Anyway, lets begin with my experiences in Montreal and next week I'll enlighten you with wild tales from CAP Spring Break in Miami.

GIGSE 2006. Montreal.

Day 1: Monday
Bright and early Monday morning, I drove up to Montreal with my boss and our two poker reporters in just under five hours. Upon arrival, I checked in to the incredibly swanky Travelodge (that was a joke) and spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with my good friend, the affiliate program director of
Casino Tropez, Titan Poker, and more. Actually, he almost had to cancel his trip due to all the new promotions and casinos his team has been working on and will be rolling out soon- stay tuned for details! Later that night, I joined a bunch of people from the Bodog team for dinner, and after some post-dinner bar hopping down the streets of Montreal, I peeled off from the Bodog crew and joined up with the "usual suspects"- my tequila loving friend from Royal Vegas and Vegas Palms, the very charming Bingo Cafe and Bingo Liner boys, and more folks from Casino Tropez, Titan Poker, and Cameo Casino (a new casino for the ladies, by the way!)

Day 2: Tuesday
After a refreshing four hours sleep, I got myself together for conference registration, booth setup, and a nice lunch with the
English Harbour and SuperSlots team. We ended up at some random Mexican place, and before getting down to business, we ordered a round of Caesars (bloody marys with clam juice...only the Canadians...) to kill our hangovers. Three hours and about 100 stories later, we went our separate ways and I met with my Hammers Casino and Vegas Red Casino contact, a lovely lady who I have not seen since September of 2005! After a drink and some sushi, I made my way to the Delta Hotel bar to meet my Hot Pepper and Fire and Ice contacts for the very first time. What a pair these two are- such a riot. As GreedyGirl from Gone Gambling once stated, these two are adorable. Great people too. After concluding the last meeting of my day, the whole Casino City team headed to the "opening night" GIGSE party, sponsored by Poker Room and Casino Room, for which we were handed five drink tickets. FIVE! Mind you, this party is about 1.5 to 2 hours long. Talk about encouraging god...anyway, I finally met up with my Spin Palace and Ruby Fortune friend and main contact and we had a great time working the crowd. At this point I was feeling pretty good and was incredibly excited for a dinner meeting with Main Street Vegas Group, the folks behind Twin Aces, Las Vegas USA, and more. After an extremely tasty and fun meal, we made our way to a few more bars and parties before calling it a night (or a morning, depending on how you look at it).

Day 3: Wednesday
After a nice breakfast meeting and gossip session with my contact for
Piggs Online Casino and Mummy's Gold (offering $500 on the house and 1 hour of free play right now!), I made my way to the exhibit hall. A few hours later, I was treated to a delicious lunch at a French restaurant by my 50 Stars and Swiss Casino contact who I was meeting face to face for the first time. Stay tuned for much, much more from these casinos- special offers and promotions to be revealed shortly. After lunch I banged out several more meetings and finished up at the Bodog Conference booth to meet with my Bodog Casino contact. Ok, you should have seen this ridiculous "booth"- strategically placed in the center of the expo hall, this structure included two floors, flat screen monitors, beer, wine, and a DJ. Over the top, as always. Speaking of Bodog, the Casino City team joined the Bodog team that night for a media event that included wine, appetizers, wine, wine, dinner, wine and more wine. I must have had 50 glasses. I'm not even joking. During this event, I had the pleasure of meeting the Gambling 911 Founder and President, Chris Costigan, who was kind enough to include me in Gambling 911's GIGSE coverage in the Jenny Woo Blog. After dinner we headed to the infamous Golden Palace party (one of my favorite online gaming companies, might I add- amazing people) and watched a lovely bikini contest. Seriously! After leaving the party, I hopped into a cab (thanks for the Canadian dollars, DS) and met up with Calvin Ayre for some drinks and plenty of Bodog related stories at a bar on Crescent Street. By the way, Calvin is the Bodog Founder and CEO. It's OK if you did not know- he likes to keep a low profile. (That was another joke).

Day 4: Thursday
Ok, this is when things started to get painful. Lucky for me, it was my last day. So...I started off with attending a panel discussion on the impact of I-gaming which was mediated by the CEO and President of
River City Group, Sue Schneider. Believe it or not, this one hour talk was thoroughly entertaining. The highlight was during Q and A when one individual told the panelists to "stop dressing like mobsters"- I have never laughed so hard in a panel discussion in my entire life. At the conclusion of the session, I enjoyed a nice lunch with my Crystal Palace Casino contact, put in my booth duty hours, and got myself ready for a dinner meeting with the lovely Purple Lounge girls. We met for dinner at a Brazilian restaurant where the waiters walked around with different types of meat on huge skewers and sliced it on your plate until you begged them to stop. This was quite an experience, as I'm sure you can imagine. During dinner, I heard all about the new Purple Lounge Casino in addition to the amazing promotions that Purple Lounge Poker will be offering players shortly- more details on the way! After dinner I went to the closing night party sponsored by the team behind Pink Lady Casino and Pure Slots Casino and met up with my Caribbean Gold, Europa Casino, and Bodog friends. The whole group of us finished up the night at Electric Avenue, an 80's dance club, and seriously tore up the dance floor to Madonna, Duran Duran, and some other beauties. It got ugly, let me tell you.

Day 5: Friday
I got up (reluctantly), packed my things, and got on the road at 9am. Once returning to Boston, I unpacked and immediately repacked for CAP Spring Break in Miami, a completely different experience than Montreal. Get ready for some Miami stories next week, including how I managed to pull off winning an all expenses paid trip to New Zealand, courtesy of
Kiwi Casino and Fast Win Casino. I am not kidding.

I hope you enjoy the picture below from the Bodog media event (totally grabbed this from Gambling 911), and don't forget to check out my featured sites of the week below- I met with all of them in Montreal as well!Rebecca

Rebecca's Recommendations - May 26, 2006 is republished from
Rebecca Liggero

Rebecca Liggero, a native of Wellesley, Massachusetts, has always loved meeting new people, building relationships, and traveling the world – perfect qualities for someone who, since early 2005, has won many friends and influenced countless people in the worldwide online gaming community.

After graduating from Bates College with a degree in psychology, Rebecca spent four years in Washington, DC, working in relationship management, dreaming all the while about someday making it big in online gaming. After turning down an opportunity to live in New Zealand, she moved back to Boston and signed on as Senior Account Manager for Casino City – the beginning of a dream come true!

Rebecca’s work on behalf of Casino City (and later for the GPWA as well) took her to trade shows and conferences everywhere – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Montreal, London, Las Vegas, Macau and many other ports of call – and along the way she began chronicling her incredible around-the-clock adventures in a wildly entertaining and industry-savvy weekly column that quickly became – and still remains – must reading for everyone who is anyone in online gaming. Following almost three years with the Casino City team, Rebecca spent a few months at Everest Affiliates where she was the Brand Manager of the affiliate program. While working on “the other side,” she realized that she truly missed her weekly column and the affiliate side of the business and decided to return to the Casino City family.

One and a half years later, Rebecca resigned from Casino City and joined industry icon Calvin Ayre to serve as the Bodog Global Brand Ambassador and the head on-site reporter for the online gambling industry tablog, In her new capacity, Rebecca continues to travel the world, and when asked where she is based, her response is usually "on an airplane."

Contact Rebecca at Be careful, though – she might quote you.