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Rebecca's Recommendations - December 1, 2006

1 December 2006

By Rebecca Liggero

I went to my ten year high school reunion last weekend and what an interesting experience that was. My high school has produced lawyers, doctors, teachers, financial analysts, married couples, psychologists, babies, more doctors, more lawyers, more teachers and me, an unmarried online gaming promoter. Nice. At least people thoroughly enjoyed my answer when they asked me the generic, "what are you up to these days". The best was when one of my former classmates explained his interest in googleing people he went to high school with- apparently he has yet to google my name which, as we all know, is a very good thing. It's a very good thing especially after my trip to Costa Rica last week and Jenny Woo's blog entry. I mean, SHE WAS NOT EVEN THERE! All I do is open my mouth to ONE person while in Costa Rica...he calls look what happens. See, this guy from high school is not in the online gaming industry, he is not familiar with Jenny Woo and her blog, and I have not seen him in ten years. He is going to think I have gone off the deep end. Thank god he lives on the other side of the country. OK, now it's time tell you about my experiences in Vegas and Costa Rica, two of the most fun and scandalous destinations in the world. For those of you have yet to be enlightened, here is a pretty simple rule of thumb: it doesn't count if it happened in Vegas or Costa Rica.

Vegas with the online gaming crowd used to be the most entertaining and unhealthy experience of the year. Not anymore. Despite the thin online gaming crowd numbers, I managed to fill up my nights with the Brand Conversions and Which Poker crowd, the Vegas Partner CEO, Bluff Magazine's owner,'s publisher,, my Enter Casino contact, the boys, and my very favorite affiliate friend. Not a bad crew. The group took over Pure one night and Tryst another, tables and champagne of course, however the boys had a tendency of sneaking out together towards the end of the night...hmmm...I wonder where they were going. My days at the WebmasterWorld GPWA booth were fairly productive despite the lack of online gaming affiliates and operators. Actually, my favorite attendee was a guy from the Jersey Shore who founded Executive Gaming Monthly, a simple program to help gamblers improve their game(s) of choice in the comfort of their own home. This lovely individual promised me pizza and tequila the next time I'm in Jersey so now I love him. I'm serious. Ok, that's enough about Vegas as it was pretty tame and not that exciting for you to read about. Thank god for that because Costa Rica was a killer.

Costa Rica
I am going to preface my Costa Rica trip summary with the following statement: I have reached a point where the parking lot attendant at the Del Rey recognizes me. I am not sure what to think of this. Does this make me fun and "one of the guys" or does this make me twisted and sick? I just don't know. Regardless, I was picked up from the San Jose airport in style (in the SBG Global President's beautiful Mercedes) and dropped off at the Marriott shortly thereafter. Just as a quick side note, the SBG Global President, Eduardo Agami, was the first of many men to pick me up/drop me off at the Marriott. At least once a day a different guy in the industry came to pick me up and drop me off at the hotel and I cannot even imagine what that Marriott staff was thinking. Jesus. Ok, back to my story. Later that night, my friend picked me up so I could join him for a lingerie show at a local bar. What a pervert. Just kidding. It was fun. The next night Juan from, my Costa Rican future husband, dropped by the hotel and took me for a fabulous meal even though he had to translate the entire menu. I was also treated to a four hour lunch by the Tropical Poker boys who are an absolute pleasure and full of good stories. The three of us discussed how Cindy Margolis (the December Playboy cover girl) will be working with Tropical Poker over the coming months and how they have many more huge promotions and plans in the works. We even received a round of Long Island iced teas from a group of employees that were randomly sitting at a table right next to us. How nice of them. Later that night I met up with the boys again and was taken for one wild ride- we went to several establishments throughout the night and here are some of the highlights:

1)The boys got me a lap dance. We were sitting in the VIP section of the place so everyone could see. Hot, I know.
2)We stopped by a Pirate bar complete with "wenches" and beds. I was given a personal tour.
3)A stripper attempted to teach me how to pole dance on stage. There are pictures to prove it but I threatened the photographer with his life should he choose to distribute them.
4)I had the pleasure of witnessing a "duo show". What's a "duo show"? Use your imagination my friends.

For those of you who remember, the purpose of this trip was to spend time with SBG Global and to attend the Black Eyed Peas concert with Eduardo Agami. Unfortunately, Eduardo got slammed with some last minute business requirements and I had to slightly change my plans. Good thing I'm not a feminist.

So now that I have horrified each and every one of you, I'm going back to Costa Rica next week for a poker conference. Oh yes. And guess what? I'm staying in the same hotel- I wonder what they will think of me this time around. Rebecca

Rebecca Liggero

Rebecca Liggero, a native of Wellesley, Massachusetts, has always loved meeting new people, building relationships, and traveling the world – perfect qualities for someone who, since early 2005, has won many friends and influenced countless people in the worldwide online gaming community.

After graduating from Bates College with a degree in psychology, Rebecca spent four years in Washington, DC, working in relationship management, dreaming all the while about someday making it big in online gaming. After turning down an opportunity to live in New Zealand, she moved back to Boston and signed on as Senior Account Manager for Casino City – the beginning of a dream come true!

Rebecca’s work on behalf of Casino City (and later for the GPWA as well) took her to trade shows and conferences everywhere – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Montreal, London, Las Vegas, Macau and many other ports of call – and along the way she began chronicling her incredible around-the-clock adventures in a wildly entertaining and industry-savvy weekly column that quickly became – and still remains – must reading for everyone who is anyone in online gaming. Following almost three years with the Casino City team, Rebecca spent a few months at Everest Affiliates where she was the Brand Manager of the affiliate program. While working on “the other side,” she realized that she truly missed her weekly column and the affiliate side of the business and decided to return to the Casino City family.

One and a half years later, Rebecca resigned from Casino City and joined industry icon Calvin Ayre to serve as the Bodog Global Brand Ambassador and the head on-site reporter for the online gambling industry tablog, In her new capacity, Rebecca continues to travel the world, and when asked where she is based, her response is usually "on an airplane."

Contact Rebecca at Be careful, though – she might quote you.